360 Competency Assessment
Todays Date: 4/23/2018

The following sixteen Competencies and Key Behaviors have been established through numerous studies over the past five years in Fortune 500 businesses in America. These studies have defined the competencies as the individual skills and behaviors required for the organization and its individual employees to be successful, and directly support the company's strategic objectives during the coming years. The competencies and required levels thereto vary by type of job and the degree of competency required in each job level.

Utilizing the study data, Candidate Resources has developed the 360 Competency Assessment to assess an individual's strengths and weaknesses in each of the critical sixteen competencies. An individual first reads the explanation of the competency and rates him or herself in each competency. Then, up to 5 other parties rate the individual in the competencies. Following an assessment of the individual in each competency is a Gap Analysis plan which assists an individual in enhancing performance in any competency indicating such a need. An organization is free to use any or all of the Competencies listed below.

Accountability Analytical Thinking/Intellectual Capability
Challenge the Status Quo Collaboration/Integration
Communication/Persuasion Customer/Market Oriented
Creativity/Innovation Decisiveness
Diversity Drive for Results
Energy/Enthusiasm Finding/Managing/Developing Talent
Global Perspective Integrity
Interpersonal Skills Strategic Thinking/Vision

The 360 Competency Assessment report on an individual defines each Competency and provides a rating scale for each competency. The 1-9 rating scale allows the individual being assessed to rate him/herself, and ratings by up to 5 other parties.

At the end of the report is a Gap Analysis with an average of the ratings of the 5 parties relative to the individual’s rating. The Gap analysis indicates the area/s the individual can work on to enhance performance.

Click HERE to view a sample 360 Competency Assessment.